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About Jean Stafford

Jean's coaching talents are no mistake. They have been learned... the hard way. Not through textbooks but through a combination of 15 years of corporate sales and management experience and six years as an executive coach and leadership consultant. Her ability to identify a common vision, energize people to action, and facilitate positive results are what has accelerated her career and positioned her as a dominant leader in today's rapidly expanding executive coaching market.

Throughout her early corporate career working for Landmark Systems, Johnson Systems, Martin Marietta and others, Jean met unique sales, marketing and management challenges that required innovation, foresight and decisiveness. Jean quickly demonstrated that she knew what it took to succeed, to lead and to build. No matter the assignment, no matter the challenges, the results she delivered were consistently strong.

Like many of the women Jean now coaches, she found her corporate career lacked the excitement and rewards it once offered. In assessing her personal and professional aspirations, she decided to transition out of the corporate sector and into executive coaching and leadership training in 1993. Affiliated initially with Sandler Training Institute and as an independent public speaker/trainer, Jean traveled nationwide leading presentations to organizations, groups and corporations, on topics ranging from business and executive development to management and decision-making.

In 1997, Jean recognized the majority of her program participants were women and found astounding industry statistics about the rapid exodus of women leaving the corporate sector for more fulfilling opportunities. In response to these trends, she launched Executive Coaching for Women. Now she works exclusively with women business owners and executives in addressing specific issues related to advancing within the executive corporate ranks, moving into more rewarding industries/business environments, or transitioning from the corporate sector into an entrepreneurial venture.

Working on an individual basis with female clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 executives, Jean works with each client to help them understand what they want, determine their fit within the business sector, outline what their goals are, and ultimately, how to achieve those goals. By leveraging her years of sales and training expertise, Jean has excelled in facilitating the assessment, planning and execution process, keeping her clients focused and on track throughout every stage.

Once the objectives have been established, Jean has provided her clients with the tools they need to define and capitalize on their strengths, develop a strategic plan, and move toward achieving their goals. She is credited with helping 100's of women overcome traditional barriers, identify new business opportunities (inside and outside the corporate sector) and achieve new levels of both personal and professional satisfaction.

Recognized as an expert on the issues facing professional women, Jean has worked with numerous corporate and professional organizations delivering keynote addresses, seminars, workshops and other public presentations. She has hosted a series of online chats as a career advisor for washingtonpost.com and AOL. Her work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Investor's Business Daily, Working Woman magazine and other print publications. On-line publications include Lifetime Online, DrKoop.com, Women.com. Additionally, she has appeared as a guest on numerous talk radio and television programs.

Jean is a member of Business & Professional Women and the National Association of Female Executives. She is actively involved in numerous community and civic organizations as a speaker, volunteer, fundraiser and program facilitator. Her educational credentials include a Bachelor's Degree from Southern Methodist University and extensive professional training in public speaking.